Sunday, November 15, 2009

Atheism As Justified True Belief

Acceptance of "the Given" [1] *

Atheism is a not a belief system for those who know there is no supernatural entity by any name.
How can anyone know this? The same way anyone can know anything--as a "justified true belief". [2]

First, something must be accepted as true. This is stated in logic as

  • 1. p is true

Then the person accepts the statement as fact. For example, the sky is blue represents the form of "p is true." Therefore,

  • 2. Mary believes p is true

And finally, because p is true

  • 3. Mary is justified in believing the sky is blue.

"Mary believes the sky is blue" is not a belief "system." It is a statement about what Mary believes about the statement "p is true."

In this way a justified true belief is a statement about one's acceptance of what is classified as a "given."

[1] "A skyscraper is a man-made fact, a mountain is a metaphysically given fact...Nature is the metaphysically given—i.e., the nature of nature is outside the power of any volition." Ayn Rand
[2] The Analysis of Knowledge; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
* Originally published here in April, '09.

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