Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Calling All Atheist or Agnostic Alcoholics!

Where are the atheist alcoholics who either shun Alcoholics Anonymous, or who put up with it? So far not many seem to have found this blog, nor have they found Google Group Atheist AA. (Click there, or on the button to the right of this column.)

This should be a national movement! It may be a small one, but that is beside the point. Alcoholics Anonymous does accept atheists and must do so according to Tradition Three.
  • And although Step Two says everyone comes to believe that a Power greater than themselves is the means by which everyone will recover
  • And although Step Two is demeaning and insulting
  • although the first two bullets are true, the synopsis of this Step on page 5 of the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions clearly states: "A.A. does not demand belief; Twelve Steps are only suggestions.

And while the Big Book says that we do not ally ourselves with any sect or demonination, and it says we do not call ourselves "Presbyterian" groups or the like, the truth is that it allows atheist groups to include the word "atheist" and "agnostic" (but not "atheism" or "agnosticism"--the GSO doesn't accept "isms".)

The Atheist AA Google Group does not sell a product and doesn't tell anyone how they ought to think or believe. Agnostics are welcome. So if you want a rational place to spout or just to comment, join us! Help us grow this group.

Be all you can be as a recovering alcoholic!

Alcoholics can get sober without god, since there is none.
Bill Wilson was wrong about self-will; but we must direct our will toward what keeps us sober. A higher power (HP) is no power at all if it doesn't help us. But as you will read in the page titled Higher Power, Part 2, that HP does not necessarily need to be outside yourself. ©

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